Growing blissful beef, being at its origin is love

One of our commitment as a producer of delicious beef may be that all the staff are aiming to talk a lot with the cow, listen to lots of voices, "to become able to understand the words of cattle" . Talk to each head one by one, carefully looking carefully, checking the health state every day everyday. It is a showcase of craftsmen's arms to make them grow up spirited up so that the potential to live in an excellent lineage is fully demonstrated. That is why the beef we raise is full of healthy delicious taste from the proud of the meat I have earned a high reputation. Deep affection and understanding for cows. That is the origin of deliciousness.

Surrounded by rich nature with less stress

We are raising high-quality brand cow in two production companies, five directly managed farms. All of our ranches have the climate of clear to the climate with clear air, cool water, rich nature, four seasons clear. The barns are kept loose and clean, and we realize the environment where the cows can feel comfortable and comfortable.

With deep understanding and attentive Support the health of cows

We will help you to maximize the potential of cows with excellent pedigree. That is our job. All the staff are in love with the cows with the goal of "to become able to understand the words of cattle". Always keeping in mind the maintenance of health, carefully care and manage carefully so that cattle who are delicate character do not have stress.

Proprietary feed design backed by experience and achievement

Feed has a great influence on the production of meat quality of cows. On our ranch we use maize, barley, bran, etc. as the main raw material, and we designed our own feed which made use of years of research and experience. We change the design and formulation of feed for each type of cow, each stage of breeding and pastures, and we feed the best for healthy breeding of each cow.


In order to improve the safety of livestock products, it is important to improve hygiene management at individual livestock farms and conduct consistent hygiene management from farms to consumers.Each ranch of Takahashi Livestock Group has become a certified farm of "farm HACCP" recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. We will work on hygiene management to delivery and more secure.

By Meister system Technology improvement

Takahashi It is experienced craftsmen who is responsible for meat processing of animal husbandry. Staff are constantly working on improvement even in cut meat requiring skilled skills, as well as having a sense of eye to see delicious meat. We have introduced our own Meister system, and we are raising professionals by 5 grades evaluation. Beef processed with the best craftsmen's hands, including speed of processing meat, beauty of cross section, art of shaping, is offered to customers.

ISO22000 Standard safety

Focusing on freshness and safety, we will the primary processing such as bone removal, fractionation, and shaping. We have obtained ISO 22000 certification as a food safety management system, and all work is proceeding with freshness priority, in accordance with international safety standards.

With proton freezing Taste preservation

Zao Meat Factory cuts, slices, boxes, etc. from the primary shaping of high fresh meat directly sent from the "Yamagata Beef Center". According to customer's requirements and standards, select part and meat quality, and shape it according to the application. In addition, Meat Factory has facilities of proton freeze , which can provide freezing technology without destroying cells, so it is possible to deliver the best taste to customers even in frozen shipping .

That secret that can deliver the highest freshness

The deciding factor of delicious meat we think is "freshness". Takahashi Livestock Group established a unique distribution system T1 (integrated production system of Takahashi Livestock Group) over 70 years since its establishment. Distribution is simple, speedy and direct because almost all of breeding and Fattening and sales are carried out by Takahashi Livestock Group. It is a mechanism that can provide meat of the highest freshness.